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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


  This animated  scene is typically  libertine. A girl is attempting  to escape 
 the amorous advances of a young man, depicted as he draws the bolt on
the door. Note how his smile suggests a summer morning. He is a monster
whom  neither gods nor  men can resist.  She is a  young woman who was
having  fun  and trusted  the  wrong “friends.”  You  can  see  beneath  the
surface of  her  plight  that  she is a  deeply troubled woman. She wears no
panties on this day but her garter belt is of pale blue satin with a little  lace
 flounce. Oh the goblet of the breast!  How men gravitate to the opalescent 
roundness  of  pearls!  She  is…she  is  the  smile of God.  Peeling off  one
mask  after another  in a desperate attempt  to  expose  her  true  inside, we
discover the most beautiful things in the strangest  places. “You really have
a great fund of information,” he  grins. “If a revolving phallus,  swathed  in
innumerable robes,  can  serve  to  make  your  life  sweet, get  out  of  that
 kimono  quick.”  His  engine, by  now  grown  to  3929  cubic  centimeters,  
 bristles  with four camshafts  and twelve intake stacks. “Jesus,”  
she thinks.  “It’s definitely alive.”  Floods of
sperm flow, perhaps, but it is a
stream of intelligence.

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