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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Curve 1

     The seated  female  figure on the  right is  classic,
unmistakable Rubens, a voluptuous body of very
white  flesh  and  a magnificent  face.   The  total
effect  is perfection, an ideal combination of real-
istic details and abstract forms. Her ice-blue eyes
glance  at  me  furtively  from  the  two  apertures
in her gold-encrusted fire opal face, united  by one
faultless  line  with a straight  nose finely  chiseled
as a cameo. Resembling the  love-child of a Burmese
princess  and  a  hammerhead shark, she  is  somehow
astonishingly  beautiful. Over and over  when she  sleeps
the butterfly's imprisoned in  her dreams; for there she was
fashioned  who turns  the  key  to open the supreme love. It is
unlikely that we ever will know what the artist meant to convey.

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