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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Court Life

         Coming into being 
                               is never easy said the stars.


The women pressed their heads against guitars;

cracks in the sky spawning thunder
made the quail and sparrows fade.
The Thing was happening like flags in the wind
creating beasts to feed with Its abundance--
bodies cool as April eggs outdoors.

Powder blue walls • Nascent banana tree • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

Slither and elusion no longer bring satisfaction,
I’m on time now.
One morning humming
like a stained-glass butterfly
   with the doors thrown open
                        and the engine blowing,

nude chains
immobile with the simple awe
that can pass for understanding
in certain circumstances,

I didn't move until I knew
It didn't stop me;
that I was never set in chains,

and free to appear
as I wished upon submission,
mystified like flowers in light
after the cold hard rain.

Crimson drapes • Beating moon • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

In keeping with the aesthetic
  of the churning blue wide
    I took sympathy and thirst to earthquake
                                    mountains full of cherries, diamonds,
                                        cornet seas shrieking in my eyes,


to beg the gods
and their parakeets cameo
in the long night hair 
of the gardens 
gone hypersilent.

Tremendous white fruits let down their meat,

galaxies storming the throat of the rose,
ivory scandal blushing nectar with air—

everything fillingx The Almighty Cavity
to brighten our brevity.

Twilight strata plunged my eyes in ice.
I swore I want the long way down.
Tulips and stallions • Protons and moons • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

Most only visit
the moments I preserve
like isles deleted by the waves
and masked by lying winds,
no wake of golden bones
to lead one back, lived them
in summer detail,
in medical precision
with the eye in my mind
that attaches to nothing--
grand visions of inconsequence,
for a Viking on the shore,
no king desiring reconnaissance.

Silver sandals • Kiss the kiss • Air thick as aloe • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

When I was young I thought
you can break free. 
That I could be happy
to disappear like Agathon,
megamillions in hand,
to an afterlife waiting, 
stranger than limousines, 
nothing to love
but a lipstick-smeared glass
as the wine dries away.

Then The Thing returned
and I went with it.
You can't say No. 

Sheen • Shade • Tumescence • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

Now I follow It around
like some dumbstruck Magdalene
waiting for a revelation.

The sparkling drool of my poet melts down
at every incarnation.

Ever get the feeling
you’ve entered a room with no walls?
Steered your life like a drunken cop
through the streets of hit-and-run
and always made it home?

Like a dog long gone 

getting back to his palace, 

a city black and wet
as a trash bag full of treasure?

Stray aces on the veranda. 

Dry corn blowing in the dusk.

The symmetry will be tomorrow too.

Dry corn blowing in the dusk. 

Stray aces on the veranda.

Like everything I’ve seen is Its command.

Deluge with oranges • Wagner in the trees • Jaguar marble  • Columns aligned

And I like everything
I've seen is the problem.

The reward is a pinkening pain
out to prove how pink can evil be.

The feasts 
have feasted on me.

The Thing brings the peach
with the emerald pit,
questions without answer
and the medicine to quiet down.

Another rematch 
of tomorrow and tonight

easily mistaken

as epicurean and hedonist 
passing in the night

leaves me confused as the time of day.

Celestial aviary • Amethyst vulva • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

I do not get Its superstructure or Its policies--

What It wants, what It means--
I am no philosopher with philosophies;
but I know Its shadow 
like the veiled voice
saying This is it
30 secs before the dream begins,


a feeling like the gods
massaging me in their new trees 
break my fever, moist as a seraphim
bruised by the cotton 
on which it reclines,
to lie on the clouds
when the snow heats past,

desiring to be lost
somewhere on the earth 
of a rapid body
hurtling into the deep blue sky.

Blades of rain • Rest from the wars • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

Nothing is easier than staying alive.

Say nothing out of turn. Drink pain. Know it's yours.

                   When someone beautiful forgets your name

dress like a clownfish and walk without fear.
Think unicorns exist. That nothing applies,
and yet you are human, and so it applies.
So they do not exist. So I believe
the best of everything
is less rare than I believe.

So the softest limits of compassion hold
right away from exotic paradise
right away from where I lie.
I see the garter twisted to the side.

I hear the politicians gathering outside,

ostinato by the by.
Sonnet, bone, and raspberries
keep me sane, one loud raw nerve
washed up like shaved whiskers on the drain
of the Almighty Cavity
lightening shadows with the light of Its clouds.

The Thing keeps Thinging, too beautiful
to be what It appears--

something wonderful
that doesn't mind the wonder it instills,
and too awful the same,
twisting oceans into deadly waves,
turning oxytocin to testosterone
and there you are
sick, sad, and Sabine. I am no viper.

Glacier ray • Emerald breach • Jaguar marble • Columns aligned

So days grow attached
like Siamese twins.

The same old wallpaper
wherever I look something new.
The statuary can be easily controlled.
The patterns and the shapes think for you
if you look long enough
and nobody cracks up the silence.

Friday • Sunday • Someday • Jaguar • Marble • Columns • Align

But please
let somebody crack up the silence.


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