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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Once Upon a Planet

Something was happening that didn’t feel like history it was
too fearless to count, too sober to remember.

Hadn’t had a straight thought since can’t remember when
everyone kept thinking
These are the rules how do we break them?

Now they want to be good guys again.

These are the people.
How much do you trust them?

Millions strong, the absolutely flightless
come flapping lightly out of subways,
out of perfume on the elevator wind

because change is a knuckleball hurricane 
adolescent in love,
because nobody knows who killed who killed who,
because the norm must seek exotic days again,
dark days must seek the lightness.

Because oil rises from unprecedented depths,
enough blame to go around
divides the guilt we can live with.

In the middle of things change takes them in another direction,

for only so long, then another change clarifies
what once seemed so clear.

(Sirens playing pinball in the city
now sound over here.)

And you accept the new law
knowing future scrutiny
awaits, nothing's impossible
doesn't mean anything's guaranteed.
That all these tears could fall for other reasons.

That too is change I know its end.
Everyone wants to be good guys again,

peacefully sharing the port-a-pots,
sharing coffee in the cold,

saying  There’s no way we can do it
according to those who aren’t doing it now! 

Hadn't had a straight thought since can't remember when
I last enjoyed a moment
that is always on the move.

Now I've grown tired of skydiving and driving
home in crash-proof cars,

waiting for direction
to be offered by the wind,
asking why we keep building this palace
we never stop to sleep in.

Something was happening that didn't feel like history it was
too fearless to forget, too sober to be false.

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