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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Hardy Boys Go Nowhere


“I’m baffled, Frank. We’ve been here six hours. I think I’m going to be kidnapped. I feel cholera coming on. Let’s call Sam Radley, Dad’s assistant.”

“Nonsense, Joe. The truth often lies. If you don’t see it all. But where there’s one clue, there’s bound to be another. All we have to do is wait…and here it comes.” A giant stork entered the ballroom bearing a scroll that fell from its claw into Frank’s hand. The elder lad unfurled a treasure map and exclaimed, “A-ha! It all makes sense now!” But Joe saw something else. “Frank! The X covers the whole page!”


“Don’t look now but we’re being followed,” murmured Frank. The steps were steep, but Joe turned slowly. A shudder ran through him as he noticed the grim specter of a 1955 Corvette following them down the stairs.

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