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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Hardy Boys Go Nowhere


“Frank, wake up. Remember? We came back here to the old Egmont estate? For forty minutes we sat in the car? There was a dead man on the doorstep? His loose molar opened up the door. Remember, Frank? Remember. Remember.”


Through the radiator grates the Hardy brothers saw a thousand test tubes spewing steam. Behind the chemical fumes, a man and a woman sat interrogating none other than Chet Morton! “So tell me,” the woman asked flirtatiously, “how do you feel about what I’ve just fed you?” Convulsing like a half-dead fat bird, Chet answered, “That one made me feel real good.” “And how about this?” asked the man, offering the lad an unwrapped cracker square. Chet Morton began slobbering fat uncontrollably. “This one makes me feel funny.”
“Chet looks fatter than ever,” whispered Joe.

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