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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A New Little World of Disruption

"And all I need now is intellectual intercourse; a soul to make the hole much deeper." – Alanis

Turn on the news. The economy is changing, and the number of MacBook stabbings is on the rise. My neighbors are living out long pent-up dreams: making love to beautiful women on trampolines, spraying each other with hoses, over-sampling the menu, expanding lateral pleasure. God bless.

But again, as winter quickly becomes just another idea, your defenses are struck at an unlikely moment. A kind and pretty girl gives you an ounce of attention and takes over your thoughts like a Queen Victoria river-tour of the Ganges. How embarrassing you are in this condition! If there could only be justice--her grace, this overwhelming polaroid sense of her goodness--levied onto every little thing around you. There is nothing and everything to be done. Off with your head.

--Anders Sh. Mandersson

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