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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lines from Club Charles

xi. bizarro

Pretty sure we are not doing
no ordinary life
so why not more
extraordinary push?

Life impels unjustified
action to make the best of.
A moment dawns mid-33.
The time is free
beyond the orbit.
Come with me.

If everything is true we’ve seen
fear is an angel.

I praised the herbivores--
mad bucks who broke the mouths of wolves and leopards,
praised the Zulu against impossible odds;

praised conquistador-in-shell
sent to circumnavigate
his shadow carousel,
lay from his hands the expansion
of infinite matter and sound,

reach past the hypergiants
knowing nothing but next
and doing what comes
to his immediate mind.

The blood on his hands is a shame.
And yet among the dead
you know his name,

the supertraitor
equal in all betrayals.

I walk in the way of extremely rare men
though something less would suit me.

I praise the herbivores
but the carnivores win.

Til the herbivores win.

Til the carnivores win.

Killing me kills you
as always.

This is the way of revolutions
or at least
dead revolutionaries.

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