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Monday, April 5, 2010

Lines from Club Charles

iv. butane sundown

Without speaking you know what I feel
in the air and dancing

oases forming and unforming
umbrellas in the rain
begetting operas in the wind

Come off the interstate
sunset graded on the windows of grand hotels
Caligulas of human rights braiding death in the exits
Hyundais racing through the streets of hit and run

everyone exhausted by their own interpretation
of the language makes no sense
Even with a fantastic suntan

one day you'll roam the twilight construction
turning into chalk
stoking up a sugar high
brain sharp as cracked crystal

panic in your roller coaster eyes
discovered by the wrong people and speechless

cut from your no-answer's-good-enough-for-me
puppymill of corporate cluster#*&*<#)!@#%
as the night goes gorgeous shades of teal
trademarked in Bora Bora
by outlaw bastard patriot friends