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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lines from Club Charles

ii. working for the philistines

Where to from here Captain Hazelwood?
When I want to be remembered I think
How tacky to last
like plastic bags ragged-wrapped
around the broken autumn limbs.

I could get past some of my limitations
if I could just get past the rest of them.
But the insane attract the insane and you learn
you're insane,

turned upside down in a hijacked plane of missionaries, trailer trash, 70's burnouts, tattoo-parlor confederates, Black Panther chefs,
corporate reps, philosophy breakaways,
sect survivors, grinning bankers,
government workers
going bonkers.

Whatever comes next I'm not ready don't push me.
I'm hanging by a thread, yes, but I’m hanging

by the strongest thread in the world.

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